Owing Child Support ≠ Debtors Prison

However according to the Associated Press regarding Modern-day debtors’ prison alleged in Ohio, “several courts in Ohio are illegally jailing people because they are too poor to pay their child supportdebts and often deny defendants a hearing to determine if they’re financially capable of paying what they owe, according to an investigation released Thursday by the Ohio chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.”

“The report shows how, day after day, indigent defendants are imprisoned for failing to pay legal debts they can never hope to manage,” according to the 2010 report, ‘In For a Penny: The Rise of America’s New Debtors’ Prisons.’

So how is this possible in America right?

Well, the quick history is that Debtors’ prisons were prevalent throughout the United States up until the mid-1800s. Thereafter the economic hardships following the second war with Great Britain filled prisons with simple debtors. So as U.S. bankruptcy laws led states to begin restricting imprisonment for most civil debts, the growing use of  poor farms quickly became alternatives for debtors’ prisons.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Government eliminated the imprisonment of debtors under federal law all together leaving the practice of debtors’ prisons to states.

So as seen in the video above, failing to pay child support is very much the equivalent of having to go to debtors prisons via your respective State.

 But is failing to pay child support Unconstitutional?






Furthermore, the Minnesota Supreme Court recently upheld this decision by stating that the process created by Minn. Stat. 518.5511 (1996) violates the separation of powers doctrine by infringing on the district court’s original jurisdiction, thereby creating a tribunal which is not inferior to the district court, and allows child support officers to practice law.

Therefore in Minnesota, the statute is unconstitutional as well.

So for all of you out there battling Child Support cases, a precedent has now been set.

And while I also hope many of you reading this post won’t run out and just stop paying their obligation – as I strongly discourage that, I do implore you to investigate more of how this startling news affects you.

The Temple of Ansar Al-Haqq has helped many with child support issues and welcomes anyone searching to learn more.

child support



Until then, pay your child support!

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 Luxury, money, good homes, friendship in all walks of life.

Sit yourself in Heaven at once! That is the greatest desire of your Brother and Teachers.”

Some of you reading this may actually know where that quote comes from, and to secure that benefit spoken of is what I think so many of us attempt to do either by Entertainment, Science, Civil Service, Manual Labor, Sales, Law, etc., etc., etc.,

Nonetheless, whatever one decides to do – what I realize most is that many of us never get the opportunity to do what we really love. And no matter who I listen to regarding their “SECRET” to obtaining the wealth we all seek, that secret is really no secret at all.

They just love to do what they do!

So -

Secure some benefit while you are living

That is the greatest desire of your Brother and Teachers.

In my College Economics class – we learned of something called the “Fallacy of composition“.

An example would be If someone stands up out of their seat at a baseball game, they can see better. Therefore, if everyone stands up they can all see better.

I’m sure everyone reading this understands now that the fallacy is that if everyone stands up, everyone won’t be able to see.  So while the benefit of one person standing up may benefit them to a large degree, the benefit of everyone standing up wouldn’t necessarily benefit them in the same way.

After all, some of us are shorter, taller, wider, you get the point.

So to secure some benefit while you are living means one thing!

You have to begin doing what you love to do!


Think about it. Everyone can’t rap like Jay-Z, and everyone doesn’t have the savvy to be benefitan investor like Warren Buffett.

So while I may receive some benefit  imitating someone like Jay-Z or Warren Buffett, one thing remains true.

You’ll always just be imitating them and never learn how to be yourself.

Therefore the only way for me to be reap the benefit of being as happy as Jay-Z or Warren Buffett can only be obtained by truly doing what makes you as happy as you can be.

And once you truly learn how to do what you love to do – Watch out!

So secure some benefit while you are living

Pursue your passion, and learn how to make business doing it. And no matter if your bank account never gets as large as Jay-Z or Warren Buffett, it will be of no consequence because you’ll always be equally as happy.

That’s the benefit of life!

Be yourself, love yourself, do what you love to do, and perfect what you love to do. Then everyone will benefit from you the way it was always intended.

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“We do not believe that America will ever be able to furnish enough jobs for her own millions of unemployed in addition to jobs for the 20 million Black people as well.”

These are the words of one the world’s most important figures of all time. And with  fear for the future of this nation growing more and more every day, most people’s focus remains on securing jobs and stabilizing the economy to support its demand.

So can America thrive?

Well, in our latest article dealing with why black people vote for Democrats, we explored the age old question of why black peoples loyalty exists to the Democratic party despite the overwhelming data that supports that that party really isn’t living up to its expectation.

Is capitalism a bad check to the American people?

Possibly so!

While capitalism has been the bedrock of this country, the double edge sword of greed and materialism a part of the culture of capitalism has shifted the resource of “jobs” outside of this continent thereby making a job one of the scarcest resources around.

That alone is the number one rule of capitalism. Pure supply and demand.

This way, while jobs and its security is so scarce, the wages demanded of the work can be driven down as to suppress the workers desire to go elsewhere because of the lack of other availability.

I mean lets face it. We in this country are in a catch twenty two, and I personally think the bubble of capitalism has busted, and all the chickens are coming home to roost.

Well in this case, actually running to another country to roost instead.

Nonetheless, while the entire story of capitalism in this country has been great while its lasted, we truly believe Americans have finally woken up from their dream only to realize the mess that’s been made right here in their own backyard.

Is capitalism the answer?

According to President Obama, “we’ve got more work to do to get the economy growing faster, so that everybody who wants a job can find one.  And that means we need fewer self-inflicted wounds from Washington, like the across-the-board spending cuts that are already hurting many communities – cuts that economists predict will cost our economy hundreds of thousands of jobs this year.

If we want to keep rebuilding this economy on a stronger, sturdier foundation for growth – growth that creates good, middle-class jobs – we need to make smarter choices.

But the question before all readers right now is – what exactly are the smarter choices the President speaks of?

Are these smarter choices the ones that will  injure the American people further than what they’ve already suffered?

Or will the “deficit reductions” be the elimination of unnecessary spending like a foreign pledge to support Israel with money and American Troops? Well, I guess it all goes back to “Guns and Butter” doesn’t it.

So just as Capitalism has always been built upon seizing opportunities -

We believe an opportunity exists right now that will enable America to thrive.

However we also believe that what is required may be something most Americans are not ready to stomach. And that something is relinquishing its assets to mitigate its losses through bankruptcy.

So while we anticipate the average American response in most cases to be that something like that is “unacceptable”, we implore every reader to consider just as the United States bailed out General Motors, Chrysler, and Wall Street, that while taking fiscal responsibility for the mess this nation is in right now in this manner is something most don’t want to consider, we pose the flip side to this scenario to be the endless saga of what we as a nation are facing right now.

So while the minimization our President speaks of as “fewer self-inflicted wounds from Washington” in this manner may be the very something that changes the playing field with regard to capitalism. and the future of this nation, we remind everyone that the debt-holders like China won’t wait too much longer before it starts to foreclose anyway.

So while so many people fear the collapse of a dollar, were saying that the collapse has already happened. It’s just a matter of time before Americans begin to feel the impact.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen – capitalism has run its course.

And while I’m not saying that an entire nation should resort to failed economic models attempted at the past, but rather the leading economic minds step to the forefront to present the ulterior before the people before a melt down happens in its entirety.

Was the American Dream just a dream, or can the nation actually make good on it promises to take care of its citizens through its social security, entitlement programs and Income tax returns through Capitalism?



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The conspiracy to take my Gun


Is there a conspiracy to take your Gun?

Take for example the phrase “Guns and butter”, You’ve heard of it haven’t you?

Well just as any nation will have to decide which balance of guns versus butter best fulfill its needs, the slogan “Guns and butter” came about after Senator Ellison D. Smith of South Carolina sponsored the National Defense Act of 1916 that directed the Secretary of Agriculture to manufacture nitrates for fertilizers in peace and munitions in war at water power sites designated by the President.

Then after, the term “gunguns and butter” was presented to the News Media.

This became the gritty slogan oft-times heard in gangster films many of us have seen growing up, and while it sounds really cool when characters like Dirty Harry said “Make my day Punk”, Gun Control has been called to the carpet for a Royal Rumble in Congress like never seen before.


Is the President trying to take my Gun?


Well what do you think now?

According to President Obama – “The loopholes that currently exist in the law have allowed way too many criminals and folks who shouldn’t be getting guns — it’s allowed them to avoid background checks entirely”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the Constitution saying the Right to Bear Arms was contingent upon a background check.

And while I’m not saying background checks aren’t a bad idea, what I am saying is that regardless to what the laws that stand right now say, law officials still cant wrap their arms around the epidemic of crime.

So while lawmakers may or may not have good intentions sponsoring new bills before congress, history tells us that agendas behind the scene always seem to have a way of maneuvering itself into policies that really only benefit those other than the general public.

So is there a conspiracy to take your Gun

Yes – there is!

So while President Obama insists that “there doesn’t have to be a conflict” between respecting gun rights and enacting new gun controls, we think the right to bear Arms is something best left alone.

Concentrate on enforcing the standing laws on the books or even amending laws proven to be ineffective. But to start making amendments to the Constitution without a careful commission study of probability regarding its effect would be the most irresponsible thing to enact over the people of this nation.

Remember – a people who can’t defend themselves from enemies either foreign or domestic are a people subject to the crimes of history told.

We remember the Holocaust in Germany don’t we?

Something tells me that if the Jewish people of that time had weapons to protect themselves, history may have been a little different.

Be responsible Gun Owners, and educate yourselves on the law, because ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Other articles of current events like Oregon Takes up Gun Control Bills, Maryland passes tough gun control law, something Congress won’t do, and Conn. Governor Set To Sign Gun Control Law are other informative articles of relevant news happening right now.

Amendment II

As passed by the Congress:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Gun Control – Really?






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Secure the Black Vote

According to Yahoo – the best answer chosen by the question posed in this title goes as follows:

Oh, that’s simple–and not even political. It’s purely economic. Most black people have significantly lower incomes compared to white people. The democratic party is, undeniably, the party of the poor.”

Now while there’s actually way more said in the actual post given on Yahoo, I’ll let you read that post on  your own.

So to further the conversation along regarding why the topic at hand, I say we pick up the issue and answer the question:

Why do Black people vote for Democrats -

Or for that matter, why do blacks even vote at all?

I have a good friend by the name of Dwayne. He and I sometimes talk on the issue of politics, but more times than less, I’m oft-times still left asking plenty of questions regarding the issue of the vote.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard the cliche’s that it’s about our voice, and that your vote actually counts, however to reflect upon the gross miseducation, mistreatment and adversity blacks have endured while living in this Country, what would any intelligent person say the number 0ne reason blacks participate in the vote at all is?

Its simple.

To Black Americans, all they really want is just a Job and Justice.

 Wow! While that mouthful definitely puts a spin on things, I’m now wondering what most blacks reading this article will say.

President Obama got his second term. Black people got appointed to high positions in government, and blacks in this country finally got a piece of the pie.

So now what?

Should black people continue to vote for Democrats?

We think everyone reading this post should really consider the time and what must be done.

America is in a very critical hour, where the decisions made must be done independent from the old way of doing business.

Republican, Democrat, Independent – which way should people go.

We think people should sincerely reflect upon their core values and evaluate them against what they truly believe, that whatever decision made, will be one not based upon a political allegiance, but rather made on the eternal principal of Freedom, Justice, and Equality.

Too many people have died for the right to vote, and too many people have suffered as a consequence of the vote. So while the fate of a nation based upon the vote is something held with such honor and pride, we urge all people despite their nationality and cultural biases to vote with true equity in mind that the creed of this Nation will live up to its lofty description -

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.





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